Health Insurance

Get help finding the right health insurance package for your company. We can provide strategies and support to manage health care costs and give your employees a solid insurance plan.

Finding the Right Health Insurance Plan

In the face of the always rising rates and premiums, it can seem like there is no opportunity to save money with your insurance plans. At Wevodau Insurance & Benefit Strategies, we specialize in helping our customers find the right strategies & plans to save money. We work with dozens of insurance providers, so we can shop around to find you the best option to fit your needs.

Finding the Right Health Insurance Plan

Managing Group Health Insurance Plans

The day to day managing of a health insurance plan – dealing with compliance, claims, and billings – can be overwhelming for executives and internal HR professionals. Our team can set you up with systems to lessen this burden and make your plan easier to manage. Plus, we are always here to help – whether by answering a question, provide strategic advice, or contact the insurance company ourselves on your behalf.

Group Health Insurance

Hear from Our Happy Clients

Conexus has very much enjoyed working with Emily and the Wevodau team. Providing health insurance for our team gets more challenging every year, and Wevodau helps us offer competitive insurance for our team, and education on how to keep our overall healthcare costs down.
Wevodau Insurance has been a great company to work with. They are concerned with finding and meeting your individual needs and go out of their way to help you find what will be the most beneficial.
Camp Hebron

Are We a Good Fit for You?

Finding the right insurance agent is important to keeping your company protected, your team happy, and your frustration level low.

Let’s find out together if partnering with Wevodau is the right choice for your company. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation.