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  • 600 N. Front Street, Wormleysburg, PA 17043


Wevodau Insurance & Benefit Strategies offers comprehensive product solutions to both groups and individuals. Our goal is to draw on our expansive product portfolio to tailor a solution that best serves the client's needs.

We are a vertical provider of all health and welfare products and maintain expertise on all plans offered to clients.

Product Group Indv'l Plans Include
Medical x   Indemnity, PPO, POS, HMO & Medicare Supplement
Medical Plan Extension x   Health Savings Acct, Health Reimbursement Acct, Self-Insured & Flexible Spending Accts
Medical Supplement x x Travel Accident, Underlying Supplemental
Dental x   Indemnity, PPO, POS
Vision x   Indemnity, PPO, POS
Executive Benefit & Buy-Sell x x Disability, Key-Man & Traditional Products
Disability x x Short & Long Term
Long-Term Care x x Qualified & Non-Qualified
Annuities   x Fixed
Life Insurance x x Term, Permanent & Accidental Death
We are Trusted by our Clients