Our Mission

Wevodau Insurance & Benefit Strategies is focused on the primary principle of customer first. Because we are a boutique insurance advisor, commitment to your human capital solutions is what we’re all about. As small business owners, we understand the value of our customer and maintain strong vested interest in their insurance programs.

Most large competitors are transactional focused and sales driven; when the sale is consummated, they move on, and away from your needs. We pride ourselves on being a trusted advisor throughout the life of your business.You will never be relegated to an inexperienced professional – Our executives subscribe to the shared fate approach with every client, endeavoring to meet all of their requests.

Wevodau Insurance will never be the largest insurance agency where customers become numbers or are just a transaction. Our benchmark of success lies in doing an outstanding job for our clients. Our commitment to you is that we will be your steadfast partner who provides innovative solutions, insightful guidance, and powerful advocacy.