About Us

A letter from Todd Platts - I’ve written to our Congressman, Todd Platts, about repealing the PPACA (Healthcare Bill). I think this shows an initiative to be involved on behalf of small business. 

Today’s employers face difficult challenges – from escalating benefit costs to compliance with the ever-changing employment regulations. Wevodau Insurance & Benefit Strategies can deliver comprehensive products and solutions that meet virtually every employer need. Our approach is to deliver innovative and tailored ideas that work for employers and employees.
We can:

  • Provide complete employee benefit insurance product solutions
  • Perform comprehensive analysis that includes various
  • scenario modeling

  • Create customized benefit plan designs
  • Negotiate secure and optimum insurance carrier programs and rates
  • Handle employee communications and enrollment
  • Provide comprehensive advisory services including compliance,
  • Human Resources consulting, and training and development

We are specialists in assisting businesses address the rising cost of health insurance without sacrificing critical coverage required for employees. We have helped many distinguished Central PA organizations develop solutions for their rising benefit costs through comprehensive assessment and customized plan development. Not all insurance plans are the same and the best solution is not always purchasing an insurance product "off the shelf." We intently listen to the client’s challenges and goals and tailor a program that manages risk while appropriately balancing the cost of the program. 

Wevodau Insurance is a boutique firm that specializes in assisting small to mid-sized, Central PA based businesses manage their employee benefit programs. We offer innovative product and service solutions to our customers while embracing a “customer first” approach. Many competitors are transactional and when the sale is complete, they move on and are rarely heard from.